What is Pokereve?

Pokereve replaces playing cards with mobile devices, i.e. the cards are shown on displays. Thus you don't have to waste time shuffling and dealing the cards in your Texas Hold'em Poker home game any longer. Pokereve does that in an instant.

Pokereve is free and compatible to iOS, Android, Windows & Symbian !

How it works

  1. Go to with your mobile browser and create a new game
  2. Share the generated code with your friends and setup at least one mobile device as a dealer
  3. Wait until everybody has joined the game using your code and start dealing hands


  • Deals instantly and allows you to see up to 70% more hands than with regular Texas Hold'Em Poker
  • Shuffles cards using the Mersenne Twister algorithm
  • Supports many new and old mobile devices
  • Adapts cards to your mobile screen using Java Script
  • It's free & fast

How to set up a poker home game

Please notice that you will need at least 3 mobile devices to be able to use Pokereve. One device represents the dealer showing the community cards. The other devices are ment for the participating players to show their individual cards on. Hence playing a heads-up game will require 3 devices.

With that in mind let's take a look on how to set up a new game:

Go to with your mobile browser and create a new game. Share the generated code with your friends and choose the behaviour of your device. Wait until the dealer device is set up and has dealt the first hand.

What we need next is a "dealer device" to show community cards on. So let's hook up a tablet to the game:

Join the game using a tablet and the previously generated code. Choose "dealer device" as the tablet's behaviour. Hit the "DEAL HAND #1" button to deal the first hand.

Hit "REFRESH" on every player device and you should see some cards:

Tapping on the cards will update them to the latest hand. Tapping on the community cards once will reveal a card. To be able to compare the hands of each player at showdown, each hand gets a random color.

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